Honoring Our Bodies

“The female body is a complex thing. At once fragile and formidable, vulnerable and brave. It carries the seed of our hopes, the bloom of our youth, the weight of our fears. It can nurture and tremble, inspire and terrify. It oppresses and protects us, holding within it all that we are, projecting less than we wish to be. It is our enemy, our friend. The very vessel of our being. What the body takes, it gives, and what it costs, we never question.” 

– Jennifer Worth 

Sometimes no matter how healthy our lifestyle, it is no match for genetics. BUT, the Foods we eat absolutely have the ability to heal, alleviate, and lessen underlying genetic diseases. Auto Immune diseases affect primarily women and are rarely singular. They attack our bodies with a vengeance. They wreak havoc on our bones, our joints, our muscles, our brains, our organs…entire biological systems. It is amazing what we can overcome and how yesterday’s normal is often nothing like today’s.

We must honor our bodies for how they are presently. I just returned home from spending a week in the hospital. Lost in a state of denial and a lack of acceptance, I realized I kept clinging to how my body used to function:

  • I was a runner
  • An hour and a half of Bikram yoga was nothing but exhilarating
  • I could shop and never drop
  • Hiking long trails and climbing trees were our weekend plans
  • I could spring out of bed in the mornings with not a thought otherwise. 

These things are no longer relevant. It’s my truth that this is my past, but for my present, I am just as grateful. We are constantly growing and changing, learning and living. 

I woke up this morning, stretched my body while my joints popped and my muscles ached. I used the side of my bed to support my standing up. Then I shuffled to the bathroom, testing the stability of my legs, and assessed how I felt. After I poured two cups of coffee, I climbed back into bed to gratefully cuddle with my husband and lazily sipped coffee, waiting for the caffeine to clear the fog in my brain. I lay there thinking that if the reason I don’t bounce out of bed anymore is due to the illness of my body that forces me to return to warm blankets, and open, loving arms, then my heart is perfectly content and grateful.

Hospital food is hospital food, no matter what country you’re in 😂. But honestly, when you are that sick, food is the last thing you think about. After having about 30 vials of blood drawn from my body and losing 6 pounds in 5 days, I was happy to wake up this morning craving steel cut oats and fresh blueberries with a touch of honey and cinnamon. I was even more grateful to have the strength and ability to make it myself ❤ 

Vegan – because the only life that belongs to me is my own. 

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