Why Plants? 

“It’s so extreme!” 

I’ve heard that more times than I can count. Really? Eating only plants is extreme? Please…

What is extreme is having your chest literally cracked open, and taking a vein from your leg to put into your heart just so you can keep eating bacon, steak and hamburgers. 

What’s extreme is taking multiple types of man made drugs to control your diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol so that you don’t have to acknowledge that your lifestyle, without modern science, would have killed you a decade ago. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates 

What’s extreme is having all of the data from said modern science that tells you that the animal protein Casein is directly linked to causing ALL forms of cancer (and that not consuming it actually reverses the mutation of the cancer cells), yet dismissing it as conspiratorial because you can’t possibly imagine not eating fried chicken.

It’s all there. The science, the research, the data, the facts, and the millions of living, healthy humans who have completely reversed their diseases and illnesses by living a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle. But they’re “extreme” because they don’t eat meals that consist of slabs of dead animal, covered in more dead animal and topped with cheese. 

If you are the type of person who wants the scientific and medical facts, I highly recommend the documentary Forks Over Knives. Don’t worry, it doesn’t show animals being slaughtered and mistreated in order to end up  on your plate. It is the proof in the pudding so to speak with all of the data and science behind a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle. It’s by far the most scientifically, medically profound and factually informative documentary around, with no other agenda. 

A few notable vegetarians and vegans from history

  • Albert Einstein 
  • Buddha
  • Pythagorus 
  • Plato
  • Socrates 
  • Abraham Lincoln 
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Benjamin Frankin
  • Hippocrates
  • Sir Isaac Newton 
  • Voltaire 
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Thomas Edison 
  • Confucius 

Do you realize that the majority of the farm land in the world is used to grow plants in order to feed animals who we then eat to get the “nutrition” that they originally gained from eating plants? Aside from it being completely unsustainable, something is very wrong here. We know we aren’t nutritionally better off eating animals than we are eating plants. We have scientific data proving that it’s actually killing us yet the FDA and the USDA still tell us that the best source of protein needed for our bodies comes from eating meat. They say that our bones need calcium from consuming milk yet it’s actually been proven that Casein actually reduces your bone density. We are the only species on the planet who drinks the milk of another species. It’s not that people are lactose intollerant, it’s that they aren’t baby cows. Btw, cow milk is mostly puss…think about that for a second. 

So who is really benefiting here? No one and nothing but the politicians, big corporations and pharmaceutical companies because our investment in our shitty health is what lines their pockets. Literally every single living thing suffers for our ignorance and lack of conscience. 
I hear people constantly talk about how important facts and science are, yet when it comes to this very huge issue, the blinders go up. We’re all for education…except this one. It’s not just about our health as human beings. It’s about our planet, our ecosystems. It’s about balance. It’s about compassion, respect for life and our overall wellbeing.

 The most dangerous phrase in our language is, “we’ve always done it this way.”

To determine whether or not something is “humane”, let’s first ask whether or not you would want it done to you. It is genuinely that simple. Just because animals do not speak a language our species can comprehend, does not mean that they are less conscious, less worthy of life, feel less pain or love less. I would argue that animals have a far greater capacity for love than most humans, which is heartbreaking considering our supposed progression and enlightenment. 

The meat you buy in the supermarket all neatly packaged, cut and clean (aka irradiated along a conveyor belt…) doesn’t negate the process of how it got there. The inhumane treatment and torturous conditions of animals, only lead to a gruesome slaughter (that often doesn’t even kill that animal until their bodies are being processed for meat) are very, very real. That is where and how your supermarket gets their meat. Just because it isn’t being done right in front of you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Did you know that “free range” label requirements only mean that  the animal is entitled to 3 square feet of movement? Three. Square. Feet. Think about that the next time you purchase eggs or chicken at a higher rate because they’re labeled “free range” and you somehow convince yourself it’s more ethical. 

That feeling that makes you want to turn away, to say that the image is extreme or to deny and excuse by saying “we’ve always done it this way…” is your conscience. It means that you have a heart and you know it’s not okay. You may not be able to stop the process, but you absolutely can live a clean, healthy life, knowing that you are not contributing to the inhumanity, the brutal violence or supporting the industry. 

A good start would be to educate yourself and be open to change. 

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